February 5, 2021


The coronavirus pandemic upended the commercial real estate market in 2020, with long-standing effects that will impact CRE sectors to various degrees. However, recovery is well on its way, and with it, foundational shifts in investor fundamentals, leasing demand, and the way we live. Our 2020 overview report dives into buying and leasing activity on Crexi throughout the year, comparing it to quarterly metrics and year-over-year data.

With these unique information and insights, we seek to shed light on the undercurrents of commercial real estate activity with an eye towards the sector’s future.


This article relies on data from Crexi’s internal marketplace. In particular, to ascertain timely and representative trends in seller sentiment, this article focuses on offering metrics, such as average asking price per square foot, cap rate, and monthly rents, in addition to listed occupancy, tenancy, and square footage. Using these listing-based metrics and changes therein, we can use seller expectations at the time of listing to approximate overall valuation trends.

While these data aggregations may broadly reflect prevailing market conditions, it is essential to note that variations can also be affected by inventory changes, asset size, etc. We pair these data points with internal data from Crexi buyers on search trends and acquisition-related actions performed on Crexi to provide a holistic understanding of where both sides of commercial real estate are headed.


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